World War II Medal of Honor Recipients

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Three-hundred members of the 27 th Maine agreed to remain on duty to guard Washington, D.

Medal of Honor Recipients of World War II

C, for four additional days after their enlistment ended. Nevertheless, the entire regiment of men was awarded the honor as a result of a typographical error. The government later recalled all medals given to the 27 th Maine following a review of the case.

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Another example of action that resulted in multiple troops receiving the Medal of Honor after a single battle occurred on September 29, General Ulysses S. In spite of swampy land, felled trees, and fortifications, the men--mainly the 4 th and 6 th U. They held their position until reinforcements arrived.

Thirty men proved their valor that day and were awarded the Medal of Honor; thirteen of them were black USCT soldiers. In all, the government presented 1, Medals of Honor to recipients who served during Civil War, more than any other period in history.

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The number does not include medals awarded to the 27 th Maine, then rescinded. Of the 1, Medals of Honor, 1, were to soldiers and were to sailors or marines. Carney of the 54 th Massachusetts Colored Infantry. One went to Dr. Mary Walker, who remains the only female recipient, and who was also a civilian. The most recent medal was delivered in to Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing, killed at Gettysburg. In some locations this military activity coincided with the Civil War conflict. As the Medal of Honor grew in familiarity and admiration, aging Civil War veterans wrote to officials at the Record and Pension Office within the Adjutant General's Office requesting the medal.

As a result, between and , more than Medals of Honor were awarded for actions during the Civil War. Furthermore, organizational badges and veteran service medals that resembled the Medal of Honor were developed, most significantly by the Grand Army of the Republic GAR. The new criteria required "gallantry and intrepidity" above and beyond expected duty. For the first time, nominations based on any action that occurred after January 1, , had to be submitted by someone other than the would-be recipient; testimony by a witness was required. Finally, the Army instituted a new time limit.

A nomination must occur within one year of the deed, beginning with the date the regulation was approved, June 26, At this time, wearers typically wore the Medal of Honor pinned to their chest.

The nineteenth century closed with a number of conflicts, among them: Korean War of , Spanish-American War and associated Philippine Insurrection, and Boxer Rebellion. For these and other conflicts of the period, the president awarded Medals of Honor to Army and Navy personnel.

During America's involvement in military conflicts persisted in the early years of the twentieth century, Congress continued to shape criteria for the Medal of Honor. In , it appointed a panel to review nominations. The review board became permanent on April 19, In , Congress passed a new design for the Army Medal of Honor, and patented the design to prohibit imitation.

The next change came from the Navy, in , to make officers eligible for the medal. The following year, the Army and Navy authorized a special monthly pension for Medal of Honor recipients over age The Board of Generals was commissioned in to review all existing recipients of the Medal of Honor. Mary Walker, the only female recipient.

Eventually, the award was returned to Mary Walker and to the five civilian scouts Criteria for receiving the Army Medal of Honor were further refined.

List of Medal of Honor recipients for World War II - Wikipedia

Lastly, the Medal of Honor can only be awarded to an individual once. The U. Private Joseph P. Martinez was awarded his medal for action on May 23, Munemori on April 5, Other minority soldiers have been belatedly recognized for their contributions. President H. Alongside this, a Medal of Honor recipient is by default invited to all Presidential inaugurations for life. It must be a terrible experience to have your Medal of Honor revoked after celebrating the achievement of such a status.

But In , it was decided that some Medals of Honor had been awarded for reasons other than distinguished service, and consequently, about recipients lost the decoration. There is a burial plot reserved for them at Arlington National Cemetery.

World War II Medal of Honor Recipients (A-E)

In their lifetime, they are covered by the DOD Regulation Their family members are allowed the same travel privilege as long as they accompany the Medal of Honor recipient. US law is particularly unfriendly to those who wear military decorations without authorization, and in the Stolen Valor Act it specifies heavier punishment for display of Medals of Honor by persons other than the rightful owners.

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Funnily, though, it is not illegal to falsely claim that you own a Medal of Honor. You can say it, but dare not show it. His son, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. On 25th March , the first Medal of Honor was presented to Private Jacob Parrott, a member of the Andrew Raiders, for his voluntary participation in the raid of a Confederate train during the Civil War. There are 19 men who have had the honor twice.

Fourteen earned it in two different actions, while the others earned it in one action which was recognized and endorsed for the Medal of Honor by both the Army and the Navy. Well, contrary to popular belief, it is simply called Medal of Honor, nothing more, nothing less. This first happened in , and sprang from the fact that no African-American who had served in World War II had been decorated with the award.

The investigation resulted in the upgrading of ten recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross to the Medal of Honor.

Another investigation occurred in regarding Asian-Americans, and ended in twenty-two awards going to deserving Asian-Americans. That is the story of Michael Thornton. He risked his life to save his comrade, Thomas Norris, who had been approved for the Medal of Honor six months earlier.

World War II Medal of Honor Recipients World War II Medal of Honor Recipients
World War II Medal of Honor Recipients World War II Medal of Honor Recipients
World War II Medal of Honor Recipients World War II Medal of Honor Recipients
World War II Medal of Honor Recipients World War II Medal of Honor Recipients
World War II Medal of Honor Recipients World War II Medal of Honor Recipients

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