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Given that, we established a strategy for the regimen selection of FOLFIRI as the first-line therapy for patients with advanced colorectal cancer, aiming to avoid the irinotecan-induced severe toxicities that are related to the reduced dose intensity of irinotecan Fig. All patients with a histologically confirmed diagnosis of advanced colorectal cancer who had an Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status of 0—2, adequate bone marrow, liver and renal functions and no history of chemotherapy for advanced disease were eligible.

Patients with diarrhea of four times a day or more were excluded. Any previous adjuvant chemotherapy must have been completed at least 6 months before treatment. All patients signed written informed consent for their peripheral blood samples to be used for UGT1A1 genotyping.

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Patients with ascites as judged by computed tomography or ultrasonography, hisotologically or cytologically confirmed peritoneal dissemination or diarrhea of three times a day or less were considered as high-risk group of irinotecan-induced severe diarrhea. Irinotecan monotherapy regimen comprised a 1. S-1 was given per oral twice daily for 28 consecutive days, followed by 2 weeks of rest. Toxicity was assessed according to the National Cancer Institute common terminology criteria for adverse events, version 3.

Efficacy was evaluated on the basis of the overall response rate and progression-free survival PFS. The same imaging method was used for baseline tumor measurements and tumor reassessments. Total PFS was defined as the summation of PFSs in first- and second-line chemotherapies observed in respective patients.

When patients did not receive second-line chemotherapy, the total PFS was equal to the PFS in first-line chemotherapy. A total of patients with advanced colorectal cancer received first-line chemotherapy from June through April These 87 patients were studied.

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First-line chemotherapy performed for advanced colorectal cancer patients in our institute from June to April Febrile neutropenia and Grade 3 diarrhea were seen in 2 3. Febrile neutropenia and Grade 3 thrombocytopenia were observed in one patient 3. Grade 3 neuropathy occurred in 2 7. There were no treatment-related deaths in both groups.

Median PFS was 7. Grade 3 anemia and diarrhea occurred in respective one patient 2. However, no other Grade 3 or 4 adverse events occurred. In second-line S-1, Grade 3 anemia occurred in one patient. No other Grade 3 or 4 adverse events occurred. Grade 3 diarrhea occurred in 1 patient 9.

In the second-line S-1, Grade 3 anemia occurred in one patient. No other Grade 3 or 4 adverse events were observed. Among three patients given second-line irinotecan monotherapy, two patients experienced respective Grade 3 or 4 neutropenia and one patient Grade 3 diarrhea. The irinotecan doses in these patients for the next courses were reduced by the physicians in charge. The median total PFS in all 87 patients studied was The feasibility of this strategy was evaluated as follows:.

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The toxicities observed during the all first- and second-line chemotherapies were compared with those observed in representative studies. Patients who were assigned to FOLFOX because of ascites, peritoneal dissemination and diarrhea did not suffer from Grade 3 or higher gastrointestinal adverse events such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, which were relatively often observed in FOLFIRI.

Revised Manuscript

The frequency of toxicities seen in the second-line irinotecan monotherapy was compared with that in the second-line FOLFIRI 5 , since i there have been few studies of second-line irinotecan monotherapy with large number of patients and ii we can evaluate the toxicity more severely in second-line irinotecan monotherapy, because FOLFIRI is stronger than irinotecan monotherapy in terms of toxicity.

Because patients who had the risk factor for irinotecan-induced severe toxicity received second-line irinotecan monotherapy, frequencies of severe neutropenia and febrile neutropenia were higher than that previously reported. In second-line S-1, the frequency of Grade 3 anemia was similar to that reported in previous study The frequencies of non-hematological toxicities such as nausea, diarrhea and mucositis were lower than those reported previously Collectively, the present regimen selection strategy appears to be feasible in terms of toxicities, except for the patients with risk for irinotecan-induced toxicity who received the second-line irinotecan monotherapy.

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Appropriate reduced dose should be determined and other chemotherapies without irinotecan should be developed for these patients. The median total PFS in all 87 patients evaluated was The median total PFS of Abstract: MANET is a self-configured network of devices in wireless linked network, in an arbitrary topology. The connectivity is established by operating system hosted on participating nodes. Routing algorithm establishes routes and forwarding information as packets to and from source to sink station. Many routing techniques attempt to achieve optimal performance; however modifications are still required in existing routing protocols to improve the performance of MANET.

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There exist some predominant anomalies in Mobile Ad-hoc Network in terms of above performance metrics. Anomalies in MANET arise due to various environmental factors like variation in number of connections among participating nodes, mobility of nodes, pause time of node, rate of data packet forwarded by nodes and total density of nodes, adversely affecting its performance. In order to overcome some predominant anomalies, in this research a systematic approach has been used to develop an intelligent system model, which controls the performance adaptively.

Abstract: Adaptation of this method of identification of weeds in specific areas on crop lands which help for healthy agriculture. Mostly separations of weeds from the crops are done with the help of image processing.

It is the process of separation of weeds specifically from the crops. This method of separation will be helpful in optimization of herbicide usage. There are several methods of image pre-processing used to remove the information which is irrelevant from the image other than weeds. Crops are separated in rows. Different colour models are used and then proposed for grey image, vertical projection is used to identify centre line of crop row. It leads to colour feature extraction from the image. Cultural algorithm is used for separation of feature from the image and Search algorithm is used in specific identification of crops and weeds for specific spraying.

After feature extraction SVM algorithm and BP algorithm is used for experimental result for higher accuracy of about Abstract: Natural disasters pose a serious threat to national economy, human lives and can disturb the social fabric of the society, although we can not entirely prevent these natural disasters from happening but with the advancements in the satellite imagery, remote sensing and machine learning it has become possible to minimize the damage caused by them. Satellite images are very useful because they can give you a huge amount of information from a single picture.

Since it is becoming easy to get these satellite images the climate and environmental detection systems are in high demand. In this paper, we propose a post disaster system which we have named, Automatic Disaster Detection System ADDS which is designed to detect the disaster affected areas and help in the relief operations. The existing methods for detection of disaster affected regions are mostly dependent on manpower where people use the drone technology to see which area is affected by flying that drone over a large area which takes a lot of time. A new approach of Convolution Neural Network towards detection of disaster affected areas through their satellite images is examined in this paper which is comparatively better than previous image processing techniques.

This method is based on deep learning which has been a widely popular technique for image processing in recent past. This technique can help save lives by reducing the response time and increasing the efficiency of the relief operations. Abstract: The paper studies the scope, performs the modelling and validation for conversion of any Convetional Vehicle to a Split Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The introduction of a smart Energy Management System for sucha setup is also evaluated.

The gradient analysis is performed using the GPS based road gradient database. Abstract: Surveillance systems are used for the data acquisitions in order to monitor the control over an environment and get a good overview of the targeted place which can be secured and have a reassurance of safety to the client. But all the previous systems depend on the human who is monitoring the flow i. Now this is all a tedious work which can be changed as we have a dynamic development in the increase of machine work and reducing the human involvement in the analyzing process and make it an intelligence system.

We use an image acquisition system using sensor support and based of the movement detection in the proximity of the sensor and it automatically compiles a message to receive to the user through a SMS carrier and also mailing the acquired image through the mail over internet and we can check the live data of the camera using a port address over the same network using IOT.

The script we use for all the programming function for this is python as its cross platform support will help in the execution of this project successfully in a single program.

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  • In the modern times we have many smart surveillance systems but they are in the affordable range for the small scale business industry and also in the local society such as towns and districts they are eager to acquire a smart security systems for their offices, shops and for protection of their merchandise but cannot go forward due t the pricing range for such system.

    This is a low cost and efficient system of image acquisition which almost at the half price of whatever smart surveillance we have in the society now-a-days. The paper is comprised of the brief work done in the future usage of the new form of the image surveillance system. The script, offices, The paper is comprised of the brief work done. Abstract: The main objective is to propose a multi-core architecture for micro-controller implementation, considering availability of various microprocessor cores and advancement in fabrication technology.

    As it is possible to fabricate 2 million gates per square millimeter at advanced 40nm CMOS fabrication technology and availability of embedded FLASH technology on same process, the innovative multi-core micro-controller can be developed for high performance, low power features. Often embedded micro-controllers need variety of interrupt handling. Zero interrupt latency mechanism is very much required in embedded applications.

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    • As long as the interrupt actions are limited and predefined, it is possible to give zero latency response for handling interrupt. A simple device with limited programming model is proposed for achieving zero latency. The logic can be easily integrated with multi-core micro-controller architecture. Abstract: The four years rainfall accumulationsobservedwith respective rain rate has been presented for the location Lat The stratiform and convective rainfall pattern and its effects on the link has been analyzed with respective rain event.

      The fine resolution rain rate obtained from Micro Rain Radar with 10 seconds integration time has been presented for a rain event.

      sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011 Sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011
      sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011 Sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011
      sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011 Sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011
      sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011 Sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011
      sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011 Sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011
      sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011 Sports medicine Volume 41 Issue 5 May 2011

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