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Please refresh the page and retry. I t started life as the spin-off of a largely terrible teenage horror film released in the early Nineties and surpassed its source material in every way possible.

It pit a teenage girl with superpowers against an entire hell dimension's worth of vampires, monsters, a god, and even the very essence of evil itself. In celebration of the anniversary of the show that launched grand-scale teenage fantasy drama , we look back on five landmark episodes, each completely different in style. After five seasons, Joss Whedon wanted to explore the miseries of early adulthood.

Season six therefore saw Buffy struggle to pay rent, suffer through menial employment and experience a kind of slow-motion breakdown. Even the season's villains were more horribly human than the Big Bads that preceded them: a trio of entitled nerds, whose casual misogyny and bitterness at the world come off like a shockingly insightful commentary on Gamergate over ten years before it actually happened. I ts one moment of levity occurred in its early stages, or so it superficially seemed.

Whedon had long wanted to make a musical, the genre being his secret love.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling Soundtrack Medley

In fact, musicals are present throughout his lineage: his father and grandfather wrote musicals for off-off-Broadway shows, and he has said that he was raised on a "steady diet of Sondheim. He would even burst into song on the Buffy set. Whedon would also host get-togethers at his home with members of the cast, which would usually result in group sing-a-longs.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Once More with Feeling" at ONCE Lounge

He knew actors Anthony Head, Amber Benson and James Marsters all had brilliant voices, that Emma Caulfield was a trained dancer, and that Michelle Trachtenberg loved to dance, and so decided to try and bring his vision to life. W hile the WB had regularly prevented Whedon from mounting his own Buffy musical, switching networks to UPN allowed for a bigger budget and greater creative freedom, and Once More, with Feeling was born.

Whedon subsequently locked himself away in Cape Cod for three months writing the lyrics, melodies and harmonies for the episode, before presenting them to his collaborators Christophe Beck, Buffy's resident music composer, and the musician Jesse Tobias.

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The pair then arranged and produced what was written on the page. I t was important for Whedon to give Once More, with Feeling thematic resonance in context with the rest of the season, in comparison to traditional 'special musical episodes' of TV, which have little reason for characters to break into song.

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We're taking you outside the world of television. We're better than the world of television. I love TV. I love what you can do with it. And to be able to go this far emotionally, and be this silly on a regular old episode of television is a way of saying, 'This is just an episode. This is just what we do. It's not better, it's just TV in all its glory. She starts singing about her life, but is kidnapped by Sweet's minions , interrupting her song. When Dawn wakes up in The Bronze , she and the three minions engage in an interpretive dance, which is Dawn's attempt to escape.

Suddenly, the demon Sweet arrives tap dancing and introduces himself in a song. He mentions his intention of taking her to the Underworld and make her his queen, accusing Dawn of summoning him. He also explains if the melodies go on too long, people will combust and burn up from the intensity of emotion. Dawn tells him that her sister is the Slayer, so he tells his minions to bring Buffy to him so he can watch her burn.

Meanwhile in the Magic Box, Giles and Buffy train in case she is expected to fight whatever is causing the singing. Giles asks if Buffy spoke to Dawn about her misbehavior during Halloween , but Buffy tells him she'd assumed he had sorted it.

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As Buffy continues her training, Giles sings, unheard by her, a song about his thoughts that his continued presence encourages Buffy to remain emotionally dependent on him, thus he decides to leave again for good. Tara arrives at the shop and looks up information on the bramble, which confirms it is used in spells concerning memory alteration. Devastated, Tara sings her decision that her relationship with Willow should end. Giles' and Tara's songs merge into a duet about how much it hurts to leave, yet each knows they cannot possibly stay.

They sing as they observe Buffy and Willow respectively, who are distractedly chatting at the shop entrance. Spike suddenly arrives with one of Sweet's henchmen, who reveals to them that Dawn has been kidnapped. Spike offers to back Buffy up, but she questions why he'd do that after saying he wanted her to stay away from him, so Spike skulks away, telling her he hopes she and Dawn burn.

Soundtrack for Musical, 2002

Buffy leaves alone, once again singing about her inability to feel, as both a conflicted Spike and the Scoobies express their desire to fight along with her, accompanied by Sweet, who summons them an ensemble song. Arriving at The Bronze, Buffy starts to sing and dance defiantly, expressing her current condition and the hardships of being the Slayer.

Her friends arrive and provide back up dancing with her. Unable to stop singing, Buffy finally reveals to Sweet and her friends that, by resurrecting her, they had ripped her out of heaven. As her friends react in horror to the admission, she begins dancing wildly to the point of smoking in impending combustion. Spike suddenly arrives and holds her still, concluding the song telling her that the only way to mend her wounds is to carry on living. Applauding, Sweet prepares to leave with Dawn, who continues to deny that she summoned him. After he points out that she bears his talisman in a necklace, Xander confesses that he did it to cheer the mood, but did not expect the implications.

This leads Sweet to decide to waive the clause of making Xander his queen.

He then points out in a song that, because of all the hidden feelings he caused them to reveal to each other, none of them can claim "it ended well", daring them to say that they are really happy "once more with feeling". After Sweet leaves to " Hellsville ", the group performs together, questioning the costly victory they've achieved and what to do next. Spike leaves the group in the middle of the song, but Buffy goes after him. Behind The Bronze, their previous songs merge as they sing to each other.

They kiss, the curtains fall, and the chorus swells one last time. The episode soundtrack was composed by Christophe Beck and Joss Whedon. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the episode. For other uses, see Once More, with Feeling. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Episode Guide. Parking Ticket Woman. Daniel Weaver.

Once More with Feeling Once More with Feeling
Once More with Feeling Once More with Feeling
Once More with Feeling Once More with Feeling
Once More with Feeling Once More with Feeling
Once More with Feeling Once More with Feeling
Once More with Feeling Once More with Feeling
Once More with Feeling Once More with Feeling

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