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Instead, try to realize that if you simply keep going, you will get out of the dip. I think merely knowing that the dip is coming can help you avoid it much of the time, but my other is advice is this: when the dip hits hard, it might be best to just cancel the LSAT and take it at a later date. There is a way that good LSAT prep looks and feels. It is 3 months or more of steady improvement until you take the test at the peak of your abilities.

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It will still be waiting unless law schools stop requiring the LSAT in which case hey, great news. The way the LSAT works is that each section contains some easy questions, a whole lot of medium difficulty questions, and then a handful of really hard ones.

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Every single one of these questions is worth the same amount. Those questions are designed to separate out the really high scorers from one another. You can and should do these questions in practice. They are extremely valuable practice and will make their easier ones feel even easier. On practice tests and on the actual test day, however, you have to have a game plan. If you tend to always get five questions wrong per section, I would certainly avoid spending a lot of time on the hardest couple questions on each section.

Your time and effort is better spent on the other questions. Do this, and you may find that you only get those two that you skip wrong, rather than a whole five. Go get those easy points! I bet everyone figures this out eventually, but the earlier in your prep you learn it, the easier it is to start building a correct strategy. Throughout your practice, you want to keep gradually building in terms of the number of questions you are able to attempt and solve with a high rate of accuracy.

You may feel, rightly, that you are being hit with a wave of information and have to sort it out yourself. The main thing to focus on is the conditional reasoning. A lot of other people have done this before and can help you do it right too. Or maybe you just made the decision to apply to law school and are signing up for the test now. With at least some of your college courses, you could overcome procrastination by cramming, finding out what you needed to know for the final and dedicating the whole day and probably night before the test to drilling it into your short-term memory.

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As long as you could recall the salient facts during the exam, you were good to go. Realizing this changes everything. You can no more hope to master the LSAT by passively learning about it than you could hope to master the guitar by reading a book. Make sure the course or materials you use have a lot of real LSAT questions, sections, or tests to work with. Just as importantly, make sure all of the questions and tests have clear, complete explanations so that you can review everything you get right and wrong.

Again, having explanations available for all of the questions is an enormous plus. The fact is that all questions are scored equally and adding four right answers to your strongest section will help your score just as much as adding four right answers to your weakest one.

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The sample study schedule below takes this into account. For those of us who follow the LSAT, every test administration seems to produce one or two outstandingly difficult or unique-looking questions. Some self-styled LSAT gurus will even try to make their reputation by showing off a trick or two for the weirdest examples.

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  • But in reality, these outliers have a small impact on your score, especially when compared to the standard questions and games that show up in large numbers on every administration of the test. You need a teacher or material that knows the test inside out and can guide you to the most valuable question types so that your practice is guaranteed to turn into points on your official LSAT.

    Master the LSAT Master the LSAT
    Master the LSAT Master the LSAT
    Master the LSAT Master the LSAT
    Master the LSAT Master the LSAT
    Master the LSAT Master the LSAT

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