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Vintage 1986 Jem and the Holograms Book * Surprise at Starlight Mansion *

While the Holograms think they are not much to gossip about, Jetta steals Kimber's diary and publishes it.

Jem and the Holograms: Reunion Tour?

Tabloids twist the story, saying Kimber is in love with Shawn and he has no feelings for her. Kimber must be strong and stand up to the scandal to come out of it on top. The Holograms want to submit a video with the theme of friendship for a competition.

But in the process, Danse is injured. Will she heal in time for them to make the perfect video? While cleaning out the attic, Jerrica and the Holograms find Emmett Benton's journal. Jerrica begins to read it out loud - as she does, we see flashback of the Benton family when Jerrica was 11, Kimber was 8 or 9, and both their parents were still alive. The journal chronicles many important events in the Bentons' lives: Rio moving in next door, Aja and Shana coming to live with the family as foster girls, the beginning of Starlight Music, Jacqui's death in a plane crash, Jerrica and Rio's relationship, the hiring of Eric Raymond, and the creation of Synergy.

Reading the journal, the girls learn that Jerrica and Kimber's father made recordings of one of Jacqui's live performances. They decide to find the tapes so they can release a tribute album to her. In the meantime, they give a sneak preview of the album on Lin-Z's show by performing one of Jacqui's songs from her old sheet music. Eric sees the performance and manages to find the master tapes among the boxes he confiscated fro. Eric is fed up with the Misfits' antics and vows to control them once and for all.

He sells everything he owns and buys Misfits Music from Harvey Gabor, telling the Misfits to shape up or be replaced. Meanwhile, Jerrica wants to find another band to take the pressure off of Jem and the Holograms, who provide most of Starlight Music's income. The band - Riot on lead vocals, Rapture on guitar, and Minx on synth - are a sensation and cause a riot among the fans including Kimber. Riot basks in the glow of this before calming the crowd just by asking them to sit down.

Jerrica and Eric are impressed and each offer the Stingers a contract. Riot promises to carefully consider both proposals even though he's taking up Eric's offer to stay at ""his"" mansion.

Jem and the Holographic Feminisms (#2)

Pizzazz is furious that Eric has offered her home for another band. She's ready to kick the Stingers out and humiliate Eric - until she. Jem is very confused and insists they go home, but Riot wants to see her again and she can't say no to him. She returns to Starlight Mansion to find the Holograms particularly Aja concerned about her behavior around Riot. Rio is jealous when Jem tells him how Riot likes her mysterious identity and the two have a fight.

It's cut short by the arrival of the Stingers, who are taking Jerrica up on her offer to stay at Starlight Mansion. Pizzazz, who allowed Minx and Rapture to make a fool out of her so that she could win Riot back from Jem, is crushed to discover in the morning the Stingers have left. The other Misfits vote that Pizzazz must start acting normal again or be kicked out of the group.

Pizzazz is too intent on getting Riot back to care and promises to help Eric win the Stingers over to his company.

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  7. Vintage 1986 Jem and the Holograms Book * Surprise at Starlight Mansion *.

The Stingers aren't acting very nicely over at Starlight Mansion - they are rude to the Starlight Girls, push Aja, Shana, and Raya into the pool, and virtually ignore Jerrica. Jem and the Holograms and the Stingers go to Greece to play in a music festival. Jerrica and Rio have a fight, and thanks to advice from an Oracle, she creates a new identity. When Rio falls for her new identity, she thinks it means he was never truly loyal to Jerrica in the first place.

Meanwhile, Riot tries to make Rio jealous by flirting with Jerrica.

Rio, the Holograms and the Stingers decide to try and track down their friends, who by now, after a boating accident, are stuck on a deserted island. They are found and go back to the states. When Jerrica returns, Pizzazz who is at her wits end - the Starlight girls have totally run riot hands over Starlight Music and Starlight House back to her. Alls right with the world after this and everything goes back to normal. Riot and his father don't get along. Can they put their differences aside when Riot's mother gets sick suddenly?

As Jem and the Holograms prepare to release their debut album, Eric hires Zipper to steal it, so The Misfits can use the material for themselves. Pizzazz sends the Holograms anonymous letters with clues that will supposedly lead them to the stolen album, but lead them into danger instead. When they retrieve the album, they place a tape of French-speaking lessons for Eric Raymond to trick him. Kimber is kidnapped, and the Holograms have to find her in time to compete.

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Starlight Music sponsors Indy driver Martino Granzetti. However, things turn nasty when Pizzazz enters the race and causes chaos on the track. An eccentric artist, Fitzgerald Beck, is the art director for Jem and the Holograms' new video. Beck's art dealer is using his sculptures to smuggle stolen diamonds.

The Misfits find this out and set up the sculptures to explode onstage while Jem and the Holograms are filming the video, leading the police to believe it was Jem and the Holograms and Beck who put the diamonds there. Jem and the Holograms must team up with Beck to find the actual culprit before the cops catch them.

As Jerrica and the others continue their search for the girls, The Misfits stage a publicity stunt to garner more attention toward their appearance at the Music Awards. Deidre, Krissy, Ba Nee and their new friend, Danny run afoul of a couple of thugs, who force Danny to steal from a local electronics store for them.

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They manage to escape and are directed to Haven House, where Danse finds them and brings them to the concert. Techrat tries to disrupt the concert with a jamming device, but Danny catches him in the act. Skip to main content. Golden Super Fashion Bks. About this product.

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    Jem - Surprise At Starlight Mansion Jem - Surprise At Starlight Mansion
    Jem - Surprise At Starlight Mansion Jem - Surprise At Starlight Mansion
    Jem - Surprise At Starlight Mansion Jem - Surprise At Starlight Mansion
    Jem - Surprise At Starlight Mansion Jem - Surprise At Starlight Mansion
    Jem - Surprise At Starlight Mansion Jem - Surprise At Starlight Mansion

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